Our Products

Our Optical Smoke sensors have Dual technology. Photo-Electric for detecting slow smokey fires and Heat Sensors for detecting fast flaming fires.
Heat Detectors. For the areas that you can’t put a smoke detector but you are most likely to have a fire. 66 percent of fires will start in your attic, Kitchen, Garage, and utility room. If a fire started in any of those rooms when would you like to know about it? What have you got protecting your home?
Carbon Monoxide is called the silent killer because you can’t see it, smell it, or taste it. We have integrated our CO Detectors with a Heat Detector to give you an extra level of protection.
Black mold can start to grow on a damp surface with in 24 hours. Research has shown the long term health effects of black mold. Spot problems as soon as they start so you can make sure your family is protected from water damage and from the health issues related with our flood and freeze sensors.
Bed Side Control Centre with mattress shaker. Research has shown that as many as 2 out of every 3 children do not wake up to the sounds of residential smoke detectors. Our 520 Hz square wave technology has been proven to wake up those with mild to sever hearing loss, children, and adults, even adults under the influence of sleep aids or alcohol.
Fire ladders are available for those who have a second floor. Fire ladders can mean the difference in getting out if there is no clear path out.
Fire Extinguishers and fire blankets can help you safely contain small fires. make sure they are placed in the best area and that you family knows how and when to use

All of our Alarm Systems (fire/Security/Cameras) come complete with a self monitored App where you will receive notifications via text message and email should there be a fire, water leak, carbon monoxide event, or even an intruder in your home. Have peace of mind with a whole home protection package.